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What is Law ? 

Law is the system of rules which regulates the actions of a member of a particular country or community and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. From issues relating to business, economics, politics, to the environment, human rights, international relations and trade, etc. Law, or legal studies, comes into contact with almost every area of human life.

Scope of Law and Law Branches

Law is a popular career choice among students in India because it is one of the highly respected professions with immense career possibilities. Law graduates can get a job in Law firms, MNCs, Government Agencies, Judicial Bodies, Banks, Litigation, etc.

Law Courses

Law offers courses not only for the students seeking admission in the undergraduate field but also for the students who want to pursue their careers in postgraduate and doctoral degrees too.

It offers an integrated LLB course of five-year duration, namely BA-LLB, BBA-LLB, B.Sc.-LLB or B.Com-LLB. Integrated LLB courses are the integrated honors degree, which is a combination of Law degree with another bachelor's degree. After completing their graduation, candidates can also pick the three year LLB course.

Candidates who want to pursue further studies in Law after their graduation have an option of a postgraduate degree in Law known as Master of Laws (LLM).

Law Specializations

In Law, LLB offers a wide range of specializations, such as:

Civil Law: This deals with the disputes related to the private rights of individuals, divorce, child custody, property ownership, disagreements of contracts, personal and property damage, etc.

Criminal Law: It is the most widely known specialization in the field of law, which deals with crimes, investigations, and collecting evidence.

Corporate Law: It deals with the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations, and businesses.

Cyber Law: It deals with the Internet, cyberspace, and the issues related to these fields.

Intellectual Property Law: It deals with protecting the rights of those who create original works.

Eligibility of Law Courses

Eligibility for all the courses provided by the Law are as follows:




Candidates must have passed 10+2 exam or equivalent from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate marks criteria provided by the exam authorities.

LLB (3 years) Postgraduate

Candidates must have passed graduation or equivalent from a recognized institute or university with a minimum aggregate marks criteria provided by the exam or college authorities.

Law Entrance Exams

For admission in the Law college, almost every other institute or university in India select candidates according to the merit list prepared on the basis of entrance exam scores and ranks. Some institutes or universities accept the national level exams or state level exam ranks while some of them conduct their own entrance exam. Listed below are some of the popular Law Entrance Exams conducted at a different level in India: