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Career Counselling

What is Career Counselling?

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a process in which an individual or group helps the students in picking up the best and right career trail for them. Usually, students aren't aware of the course they enroll in and what exactly it offerers. All the peer pressure, fancy names, and notoriety forces the student to opt for the major. Although many sires are being conscious of the demand for guidance and career counselling, there are still a few parents who force their youngsters to opt for conventional and money-making careers.

The person(s) that provides expert counselling is the professional counselors that may work at a high school, college, or university to assist students in the admissions decision-making process.

The counselling process is based on the profound analysis of an individuals' skills, potentials, aptitude, capabilities, etc. 

Admissions Counselor is an extremely functional and customized service provided to wannabes with a purpose to optimize their opportunities of getting admission into the best possible universities/institutes/colleges. They also provide them erudition about financial aid, scholarships, programs, and areas.

Career Counselor Strategies

Career Counselor Strategies

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Why does one need career counselling?

Due to the boom in career options, the need for career counselling has become an obligatory part among young aspirants. Students are often stuck in the middle of choosing the right career path for them after completing their 10th, 12th, or graduation. This indecisiveness can be a result of lack of parental guidance, social pressure, ignorance of personal potentials, multiple career options, etc. Career Counselling helps students in victual these issues wholly.

Career counselors also connect students to the specialists who embody as an example to inspire the students.