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University Of Engineering & Management (UEM)

University   Since : 2011   |    Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India   |    Fees Range : Rs.45,000/- to Rs.99,000/-

Courses Offered

S.No. Course First Year Fee Entrance Exams Accepted
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
1BBA (General)45,000/-IEMJEE
Program: Bachelor Of Physiotherapy
2BPT (Bachelor Of Physiotherapy)69,000/-IEM-JEE
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
3B.Tech. (CSE - Internet Of Things)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
4B.Tech. (CSE - Data Science)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
5B.Tech. (CSE - Cyber Forensic & Internet Security)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
6B.Tech. (CSE - Cloud Computing)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
7B.Tech. (CSE - Blockchain Technology)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
8B.Tech. (Civil Engineering - Sustainable Construction Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
9B.Tech. (CSE - Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
10B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
11B.Tech. (Computer Science & Business Systems)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
12B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering - Automobile Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
13B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
14B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering - Machine Design)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
15B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
16B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering - Electric Vehicle)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
17B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering - HVDC Generation And Transmission)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
18B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering - Renewable Energy Resources)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
19B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
20B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS
21B.Tech. (CSE - Big Data Analytics)99,000/-IEMJEE / JEE-MAINS

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