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Suresh Gyan Vihar University

University   Since : 2008   |    Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India   |    Fees Range : Rs.17,950/- to Rs.2,02,950/-

Courses Offered

S.No. Course First Year Fee Entrance Exams Accepted
Program: Bachelor In Computer Application
1BCA Powered By Google82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Arts
2B.A. (Hons.) (Political Science)82,950/-Personal Interview
3B.A. (Hons.) (History)82,950/-Personal Interview
4B.A. (Hons.) (Economics)92,950/-Personal Interview
5Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.)17,950/-
6B.A. (Hons.) (Psychology)82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
7BBA (Regular)82,950/-SGVUEE
8BBA (Digital Marketing Powered By Google)82,950/-SGVUEE
9BBA (Human Resource Management)82,950/-SGVUEE
10BBA (Finance & Banking Powered By BSE)82,950/-SGVUEE
11BBA (Business Analytics)82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Commerce
13B.Com (Hons)37,950/-
Program: Bachelor Of Education
14B.Ed. M.Ed. IntegratedAccording Government FeePTET
15B.Sc. B.Ed. IntegratedAccording Government FeePTET
16B.A. B.Ed. IntegratedAccording Government FeePTET
17B.Ed.According Government FeePTET
Program: Bachelor Of Hotel Management
18B.Voc. (Tourism & Hospitality Management)46,950/-
19BHMCT (Bachelor Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology)82,950/-
20B.Sc. (Hospitality & Hotel Administration)74,950/-
Program: Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication
21B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Law
22BBA-LLB (Hons) - (Bachelor Of Business Administration With Bachelor Of Laws)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ CLAT
Program: Bachelor Of Pharmacy
23B.Pharma. (Lateral Entry)1,22,950/-
Program: Bachelor Of Physiotherapy
25BPT (Lateral Entry)1,22,950/-SGVUEE
26BPT (Bachelor Of Physiotherapy)1,22,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Science
27Bachelor Of Medical Laboratory Technology92,950/-Personal Interview
Program: Bachelor Of Science In Agriculture
28B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture72,950/-
Program: Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology
29B.Sc. (IT Powered By Google)82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Science.
30B.Lib. I.Sc (Bachelor Of Information And Library Science)According Government FeePTET
31B.Sc. (Virology And Immunology)62,950/-
32B.Sc. Forensic Science62,950/-SGVUEE
33B.Sc. (Biotechnology)62,950/-
34B.Sc. (CBZ)42,950/-SGVUEE
35B.Sc. (PCM)42,950/-SGVUEE
36B.Sc. (Hons.) (Psychology)82,950/-SGVUEE
37B.Sc. (Geology)42,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
38B.Tech. (CSE With Full Stack Development Powered By UpGrad)1,62,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
39B.Tech. (CSE With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Powered By IBM))1,62,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
40B.Voc. (Refrigeration And Air Conditioning)46,950/-SGVUEE
41B.Tech. (CSE With Data Analytics (Powered By IBM))1,62,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
42B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)82,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
43B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) (Lateral Entry)1,22,950/-
44B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) (Lateral Entry)82,950/-
45B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
46B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering) (Lateral Entry)1,62,950/-
47B.Voc. (Renewable Energy Technology And Management)46,950/-SGVUEE
48B.Tech. (CSE With Full Stack Development Powered By UpGrad) (Lateral Entry)1,62,950/-
49B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
50B.Tech. (CSE With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Powered By IBM)) (Lateral Entry)1,62,950/-
51B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) (Lateral Entry)1,22,950/-
52B.Tech. (CSE With Data Analytics (Powered By IBM)) (Lateral Entry)1,62,950/-
53B.Tech. (Electronics And Communication Engineering (IoT And Smart Cities Powered By IBM)) (Lateral Entry)1,42,950/-
54B.Tech. (Electronics And Communication Engineering (IoT And Smart Cities Powered By IBM))1,42,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
55B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering)1,62,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
Program: Bachelor Of Technology In Agriculture
56B.Tech (Agriculture Engineering)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ JEE-MAINS
Program: Diploma In Engineering
57Diploma (Electrical Wireman And Motor Rewinding)38,950/-SGVUEE
58Diploma (Electrical Engineering) (Lateral Entry)44,950/-
59Diploma (Electronics And Communication Engineering)44,950/-SGVUEE
60Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)44,950/-SGVUEE
61Advanced Diploma (Refrigeration And Air Conditioning)42,950/-SGVUEE
62Diploma (Civil Engineering)44,950/-SGVUEE
63Diploma (Refrigeration And Air Conditioning)38,950/-SGVUEE
64Diploma (Computer Science Engineering)44,950/-SGVUEE
65Advanced Diploma (Software Development)42,950/-SGVUEE
66Diploma (Electrical Engineering)44,950/-SGVUEE
67Diploma (Software Development)86,950/-SGVUEE
68Advanced Diploma (Renewable Energy Technology And Management)SGVUEE
69Diploma (Renewable Energy Technology And Management)38,950/-SGVUEE
70Diploma (Electronics And Communication Engineering) (Lateral Entry)44,950/-
71Diploma (Mechanical Engineering) (Lateral Entry)44,950/-
72PG Diploma (Electric And Hybrid Vehicles And Charging Infrastructure)42,950/-SGVUEE
73Diploma (Computer Science And Engineering) (Lateral Entry)44,950/-
Program: Diploma In Management
74Advanced Diploma (E-Commerce And Digital Marketing)42,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Diploma In Pharmacy
Program: Diploma Program In Hotel Management
76Diploma (Food Production & Bakery)38,950/-SGVUEE/ Personal Interview
77Diploma (Food & Beverages)38,950/-SGVUEE/ Personal Interview
78Diploma (Housekeeping)38,950/-SGVUEE/ Personal Interview
79Diploma (Front Office)38,950/-SGVUEE/ Personal Interview
80Diploma (Tourism & Hospitality Management)86,950/-
81Advanced Diploma (Tourism & Hospitality Management)38,950/-
82Diploma In Hotel Management (DHM)42,950/-
Program: Master In Computer Application
83MCA Powered By Google82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Arts
84M.A. (Psychology)82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Business Administration
85MBA (Digital Marketing Powered By Google)2,02,950/-SGVUEE/ CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ XAT/ GMAT
86MBA (Regular)2,02,950/-SGVUEE/ CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ XAT/ GMAT
87MBA (Human Resource Management)2,02,950/-SGVUEE/ CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ XAT/ GMAT
88MBA (Business Analytics Powered By IBM)82,950/-SGVUEE/ CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ XAT/ GMAT
89MBA (Finance & Banking (Powered By BSE))2,02,950/-SGVUEE/ CAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ XAT/ GMAT
Program: Master Of Education
90M.Ed.According to Government PolicyPMET
Program: Master Of Pharmacy
91Masters Of Pharmacy (M.Pharma.)SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Science
92M.Sc. (Pharmacology)62,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Science In Agriculture
93M.Sc. (Agriculture) (Horticulture)60,000/-
94M.Sc. (Agriculture - Genetics And Plant Breeding)60,000/-
95M.Sc. Agriculture (Specialization In Agronomy)62,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Science In Information Technology
96M.Sc. (IT Powered By Google)82,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Science.
97M.Sc. (Geoinformatics)62,950/-SGVUEE
98M.Lib. I.Sc. (Master Of Information And Library Science)According Government FeePTET
99M.Sc. (Virology And Immunology)82,950/-SGVUEE
100M.Sc. (Microbiology)62,950/-SGVUEE
101M.Sc. (Biotechnology)62,950/-SGVUEE
102M.Sc. (Physics)62,950/-SGVUEE
103M.Sc. (Chemistry)62,950/-SGVUEE
Program: Master Of Technology
104M.Tech. (Geo-Informatics)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
105M.Tech. (Construction Engineering And Management)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
106M.Tech. (Power Systems)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
107M.Tech. (Energy Engineering)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
108M.Tech. (Digital Wireless Communication Engineering (DWCE))1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
109M.Tech. (Cloud Computing & Security Powered By Amazon)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
110M.Tech. (Software Engineering)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
111M.Tech. (Manufacturing And Industrial Engineering)1,22,950/-SGVUEE/ GATE
Program: PG Diploma In Information And Technology
112PG Diploma (Android Technology)42,950/-SGVUEE
113PG Diploma (Internet And Web Technology)1,52,950/-SGVUEE
114Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application (PGDCA)20,500/-
Program: Post Graduate Diploma In Management
115PGD (Sports Management)32,950/-SGVUEE

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