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Sharda University

University   Since : 2009   |    Location : Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India   |    Fees Range : Rs.80,000/- to Rs.4,30,000/-

Courses Offered

S.No. Course First Year Fee Entrance Exams Accepted
Program: Bachelor Of Architecture
1B.Arch. (Bachelor Of Architecture)2,00,000/-NATA / JEE-Main (Paper-2) / UPSEE (Arch.)
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
2BBA (Finance & Accounting With ACCA UK)4,30,000/-SUAT
3BBA (with International Immersion Programme)1,75,000/-SUAT
4BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)2,31,000/-SUAT
5BBA (Health Care Management)1,59,000/-SUAT
6BBA (Banking & Finance)1,59,000/-SUAT
7BBA (Human Resources Management)1,59,000/-SUAT
8BBA (International Business)1,59,000/-SUAT
9BBA (Entrepreneurship)1,59,000/-SUAT
10BBA (Marketing)1,59,000/-SUAT
11BBA (General)1,59,000/-SUAT
Program: Bachelor Of Dental Surgery
12BDS (Bachelor Of Dental Surgery)3,65,000/-NEET
Program: Bachelor Of Design
13B.Des. (Industrial & Product Design)1,80,000/-SUAT
14B.Des. (Fashion Design)1,80,000/-SUAT
15B.Des. (Interior Design)1,80,000/-SUAT
16B.Des. (Digital & Communication Design)1,80,000/-SUAT
17B.Des. (Bachelor Of Design)1,80,000/-SUAT
Program: Bachelor Of Law
18BBA-LLB (Bachelor Of Business Administration With Bachelor Of Laws)1,65,000/-Sharda University Form
19BA-LLB (Bachelor Of Arts With Bachelor Of Laws)1,65,000/-Sharda University Form
Program: Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Surgery
20MBBS (Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Surgery)0/-NEET
Program: Bachelor Of Nursing
21B.Sc. (Nursing)1,46,000/-12th%
Program: Bachelor Of Pharmacy
Program: Bachelor Of Physiotherapy
23BPT (Bachelor Of Physiotherapy)1,53,000/-SUAT
Program: Bachelor Of Science
24B.Sc. (Nutrition And Dietetics)1,26,000/-NEET / PCB
25B.Sc. (Radiological Imaging Techniques)1,36,000/-NEET / PCB
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
26B.Tech. (CSE - Block Chain)1,79,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
27B.Tech. (CSE-Data Science)1,79,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
28B.Tech. (CSE - Business Analytics And Optimization)2,08,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
29B.Tech. (CSE - Cyber Security And Forensic)1,79,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
30B.Tech. (Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering)1,64,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
31B.Tech. (CSE - Cloud Computing And Virtualization Technology)2,08,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
32B.Tech. (Biotechnology Engineering)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
33B.Tech. (CSE - Artificial Learning And Machine Learning)1,79,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
34B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering)1,69,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
35B.Tech. (Bioinformatics)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
36B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)1,64,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
37B.Tech. (Genetic Engineering)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
38B.Tech. (Food Process Technology)1,64,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
39B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering With Specialization In Mechatronics)1,59,000/-
40B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering With Specialization In Automobile)1,59,000/-
41B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
42B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
43B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
44B.Tech. (Information Technology)1,59,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
45B.Tech. (CSE - Internet Of Things & Application)1,79,000/-SUAT / JEE-MAINS / UPSEE
Program: Diploma In Pharmacy
Program: General Nursing And Midwifery
47GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery)80,000/-12th%
Program: Master Of Business Administration
48MBA (Fashion Management)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
49MBA (Supply Chain Management And Logistics With Safeducate)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
50MBA (Public Policy & Administration)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
51MBA (Pharma Marketing & Management)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
52MBA (Marketing)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
53MBA (International Business)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
54MBA (Human Resources Management)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
55MBA (Health Care & Hospital Administration)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
56MBA (Entrepreneurship & Family Business)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
57MBA (Dual Specialization (with International Immersion Programme))2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
58MBA (Dual Specialization)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
59MBA (Business Analytics)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
60MBA (Banking & Finance)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
61MBA (General)2,60,000SUAT / MAT / CAT / XAT
Program: Post Basic Bachelor Of Nursing
62Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing1,40,000/-12th%

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