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Graphic Era University (GEU) - Deemed University

University   Since : 1993   |   Ranked : 104 in nirf   |    Location : Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India   |    Fees Range : Rs.63,000/- to Rs.3,80,000/-

Courses Offered

S.No. Course First Year Fee Entrance Exams Accepted
Program: Bachelor In Computer Application
1BCA Industry Integrated1,12,000/-
2BCA (Bachelor In Computer Application)1,12,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Arts
3B.A. (Hons.) (Psychology)84,500/-
4B.A. (Hons.) (Political Science)84,500/-
5B.A. (Hons.) (Sociology)63,000/-
6B.A. (Hons.) English84,500/-
7B.A. (Hons.) (Economics)84,500/-
8Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.)63,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
9BBA (International Finance And Accounting With ACCA)1,34,000/-
10BBA (Corporate Accounting And Financial Analysis With CMA)1,34,000/-
11Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)1,34,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Commerce
12B.Com (Hons)1,20,000/-
13B.Com. (Hons.) (International Finance And Accounting With ACCA, UK)1,20,000/-
14B.Com. (Hons.) (Corporate Accounting And Financial Analysis With CMA, US)1,20,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Hotel Management
15BHM (Bachelor In Hotel Management)1,26,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Nursing
16B.Sc. (Nursing)1,50,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Physiotherapy
17BPT (Bachelor Of Physiotherapy)99,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Science
18Bachelor Of Medical Laboratory Technology99,000/-
19Bachelor In Medical Radio Imaging Technology (BMRIT)99,000/-
20B.Sc. (Medical Microbiology)99,000/-
21B.Sc. (Operation Theatre)99,000/-
22B.Sc. (Hons.) (Nutrition & Dietetics)99,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology
23B.Sc. (IT Industry Integrated)1,12,000/-
24B.Sc (IT)1,12,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Science.
25B.Sc. (Hons.) (Microbiology)87,500/-
26B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology87,500/-
27B.Sc. Hons. (Computer Science)1,12,000/-
28B.Sc. (Hons.) (Geology)87,500/-
29B.Sc. (Hons.) (Food Technology)99,000/-
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
30B.Tech. (Computer Engineering (Hons.) With Specialization In Information Security And Artificial Intelligence)3,16,000/-JEE Main
31B.Tech. (Computer Engineering (Hons.) With Specialization In Cyber Security)3,16,000/-JEE Main
32B.Tech. (Computer Engineering (Hons.) With Specialization In Blockchain)3,16,000/-JEE Main
33B.Tech. (Computer Engineering (Hons.) With Specialization In Artificial Intelligence And Robot Building)3,16,000/-JEE Main
34B.Tech. (Computer Engineering (Hons.) With Specialization In Deep Learning And Artificial Intelligence)3,16,000/-JEE Main
35B.Tech. (Petroleum Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main
36B.Tech. (Computer Science & Technology (Hons.) With Specialization In Cloud Computing)3,16,000/-JEE Main
37B.Tech. (Computer Engineering)3,16,000/-JEE Main
38B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main/ AIEAA
39B.Tech. (Computer Science & Technology (Hons.) With Specialization In Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)3,16,000/-JEE Main
40B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering Specialization In Internet Of Things)2,53,000/-JEE Main
41B.Tech. (Computer Science And Engineering) (Hindi)3,16,000/-JEE Main
42B.Tech. (Electronics And Communication Engineering In Embedded Systems & Robotics)2,53,000/-JEE Main
43B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main
44B.Tech. (Biotechnology Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main
45B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main
46B.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)3,16,000/-JEE Main
47B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering Hons. In Automobile)2,53,000/-JEE Main
48B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering Hons. In Robotics And Automation)2,53,000/-JEE Main
49B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) With Minor Specialization In Computer Science And Engineering)JEE Main
50B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main
51B.Tech. (Hons.) (Biotechnology With Specialization In Computer Science & Biology)2,53,000/-JEE Main
52B.Tech. (Data Science & Artificial Intelligence)3,16,000/-JEE Main
53B.Tech. (Electronics And Communication Engineering - Hindi)2,53,000/-JEE Main
54B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) With Minor Specialization In Aerospace Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main
55B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering)3,16,000/-JEE Mains
56B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering With A Minor Specialization In Computer Engineering)2,53,000/-JEE Main/ AIEAA
57B.Tech. (Computer Science & Technology)3,16,000/-JEE Main
58B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering - Hindi)2,53,000/-JEE Main
Program: Master In Computer Application
59MCA (Master In Computer Application)1,47,500/-UPTU-SEE/ UTU-SEE
Program: Master Of Arts
60M.A. (Political Science)
61M.A. (Psychology)88,500/-
Program: Master Of Business Administration
62MBA (Finance)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
63MBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
64MBA (IEV - Innovation, Entrepreneurship And Venture Development)CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
65MBA Plus3,80,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
66MBA (Artificial Intelligence)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
67MBA (Hospitality Management)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
68MBA (Branding And Advertisement)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
69MBA (Banking And Insurance)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
70MBA (Retail Management)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
71MBA (Agri-Business Management)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
72MBA (Digital Marketing)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
73MBA (Business Analytics)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
74MBA (Information Technology)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
75MBA (Marketing)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
76MBA (Human Resource)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
77MBA (International Business)3,00,000/-CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ NMAT/ CMAT
Program: Master Of Hotel Management
78Master Of Hotel Management63,000/-
Program: Master Of Science In Information Technology
79M.Sc (IT)1,47,500/-
Program: Master Of Science.
80M.Sc. (Applied Geology)92,000/-
81M.Sc. (Chemistry)1,10,000/-
82M.Sc. (Biochemistry)1,10,000/-
83M.Sc. (Food Technology)90,000/-
84M.Sc. (Environmental Science)92,000/-
85M.Sc. (Microbiology)1,10,000/-
86M.Sc. (Biotechnology)92,000/-
Program: Master Of Technology
87M.Tech. (CAD/ CAM/ Robotics)1,16,000/-GATE/ Merit, Personal Interview
88M.Tech. (Geo-Informatics)1,16,000/-GATE/ Merit, Personal Interview
89M.Tech. (Structural Engineering)1,16,000/-GATE/ Merit, Personal Interview
90M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)1,26,500/-GATE/ Merit, Personal Interview
91M.Tech. (VLSI Design And System)1,16,000/-GATE/ Merit, Personal Interview

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