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Direct Admission In Sandip University - Nashik

Sandip University - Nashik offers various courses some of them are listed below. You can have opportunity to avail direct admission in Sandip University - Nashik in these courses listed below.

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Program: B.Sc. (Part-Time)
1B.Sc. (Part Time) - Fire & Safety
Program: B.Tech. (Part-Time)
2B.Tech. (Part Time) - Civil Engineering
3B.Tech. (Part Time) - Mechanical Engineering
4B.Tech. (Part Time) - Computer Science Engineering
5B.Tech. (Part Time) - Electronics Engineering
6B.Tech. (Part Time) - Electrical Engineering
Program: Bachelor In Computer Application
7BCA (Bachelor In Computer Application)
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
8BBA (International Business)
9BBA. Hons. (Marketing)
10BBA. Hons. (Finance)
11BBA. Hons. (Human Resource Management)
12BBA. Hons. (Operation Management)
13BBA. Hons. (Information Management)
14BBA. Hons. (Entrepreneurship)
15BBA (Human Resource Management)
16BBA (Financial Management)
17BBA (Marketing Management)
Program: Bachelor Of Commerce
18B.Com (with Tally Certification)
Program: Bachelor Of Design
19B.Des. (User Experience Design-UX)
Program: Bachelor Of Fashion Designing
20B.Sc. (Fashion Designing)
21B.Sc. (Cosmetic Science)
Program: Bachelor Of Interior Design
22B.Sc. (Interior Design)
Program: Bachelor Of Law
23BA-LLB (Hons) - (Bachelor Of Arts With Bachelor Of Laws)
24BBA-LLB (Hons) - (Bachelor Of Business Administration With Bachelor Of Laws)
25LLB (Bachelor Of Legislative Law)
Program: Bachelor Of Pharmacy
Program: Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology
27B.Sc. (Computer Science) Specialization In AI, ML & VR
28B.Sc. (Computer Science) Specialization In Cloud Computing
Program: Bachelor Of Science.
29B.Sc. (Microbiology)
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
30B.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)
31B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)
32B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering)
33B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
34B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
35B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering - With Specialization In Business Analytics & Optimization)
36B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering - With Specialization In Cloud Technology And Information Security)
37B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering - With Specialization In Cyber Security And Forensic)
38B.Tech. (Computer Science And Engineering - Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning)
Program: Diploma In Pharmacy
Program: Master In Computer Application
40MCA (Master In Computer Application)
Program: Master Of Business Administration
41MBA (Financial Management)
42MBA (Marketing Management)
43MBA (Data Science) Specialization In Business Analytics
44MBA (Data Science) Specialization In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
45MBA (Banking And Financial Services)
46MBA (Human Resource Management)
Program: Master Of Design
47M.Des - UX (Master Of Design In User Experience)
Program: Master Of Fashion Design
48M.Sc. (Cosmetic Science)
49M.Sc. (Fashion And Apparel Designing)
Program: Master Of Interior Design
50M.Sc. (Interior Design)
Program: Master Of Science.
51M.Sc. - Chemistry (Organic / Analytical)
52M.Sc. (Physics)
53M.Sc. (Microbiology)
54M.Sc. (Life Science)
55M.Sc. (Drug Chemistry)
56M.Sc. (Mathematics)
Program: Part Time Diploma Of Engineering
57Part Time Diploma (Civil Engineering)
58Part Time Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)
59Part Time Diploma (Computer Science Engineering)
60Part Time Diploma (Electronics Engineering)
61Part Time Diploma (Electrical Engineering)

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