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Direct Admission In MIT Art, Design And Technology University (MIT-ADT)

MIT Art, Design and Technology University (MIT-ADT) offers various courses some of them are listed below. You can have opportunity to avail direct admission in MIT Art, Design and Technology University (MIT-ADT) in these courses listed below.

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Program: B.Tech. (Part-Time)
1B.Tech. (Part Time) Mechanical - Manufacturing Technology
2B.Tech. (Part Time) Mechanical - Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing
3B.Tech. (Part-Time) CSE - AI & Analytics
4B.Tech. (Part-Time) CSE - Cyber Security
5B.Tech. (Part-Time) CSE - Cloud Computing
Program: Bachelor In Computer Application
6BCA (Specialisation In Applied Data Science And Analytics)
Program: Bachelor Of Architecture
7B.Arch. (Bachelor Of Architecture)
Program: Bachelor Of Arts
8BFA (Applied Arts)
9BFA (Painting)
10BFA (Sculpture)
11B.A. (Administration)
12B.A. (Hons.) English
13B.A. (Pakrut And Jainism)
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
14BBA (Finance Technology)
15BBA (ACCA UK Accreditation)
16BBA (Global)
17BBA (General)
18BBA (International Business)
19BBA (Business Analytics)
20BBA (Computer Application)
21BBA (Digital Marketing)
Program: Bachelor Of Commerce
22B.Com Honors & Economics
Program: Bachelor Of Design
23B.Des. (Animation Design)
24B.Des. (Fashion Communication Design)
25B.Des. (Game Design)
26B.Des. (Transportation Design)
27B.Des. (Interior Space & Furniture Design)
28B.Des. (Retail Design)
29B.Des. (Film & Video Design)
30B.Des. (Fashion Design)
31B.Des. (Graphic Design)
32B.Des. (Product Design)
33B.Des. (Bachelor Of Design)
Program: Bachelor Of Education
Program: Bachelor Of Film And Drama
35B.Sc. (Film Making Specialisation In Direction)
36B.Sc. (Film Making Specialisation In Screenplay Writing)
37B.Sc. (Film Making Specialisation In Cinematography)
38B.Sc. (Film Making Specialisation In Editing)
39B.Sc. (Film Making Specialisation In Sound Recording & Designing)
40B.Sc. (Film Making Specialisation In Visual Effects And Motion Graphics)
41 B.A. (Dramatics Specialisation In Acting & Theatre Techniques)
Program: Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication
42B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
Program: Bachelor Of Science.
43B.Sc. (Nautical Science)
44B.Sc. (Computer Science)
45B.Sc. Hons. (Computer Science)
46B.Sc. Hons (Food Science)
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
47B.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)
48B.Tech. (Construction Engineering & Management)
49B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)
50B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
51B.Tech. (CSE - Blockchain Technology)
52B.Tech. (CSE - Cloud Computing)
53B.Tech. (Marine Engineering)
54B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
55B.Tech. (IT - Data Analytics)
56B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering - Robotics And Automation)
57B.Tech. (Bioengineering Sciences And Research)
58B.Tech. ME- Electric Vehicle (In Association With ARAI)
59B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)
60B.Tech. (CSE - Artificial Intelligence & Analytics)
61B.Tech. (CSE - Cyber Security And Forensics)
62B.Tech. (CSE - Big Data And Cloud Engineering)
63B.Tech. (CSE - Intelligent Systems)
64B.Tech. (Information Technology)
65B.Tech. (Electronics And Computer Engineering)
66B.Tech. (Food Technology)
Program: Certification Course In Architecture
67Certification Course In AI In Architecture
Program: Diploma In Education
68P.G. Diploma In Guidance & Counselling
Program: Diploma Of Design
69Post Graduate Diploma In Innovation
70Automotive Clay & Digital Sculpting
Program: Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma And B.Tech.)
71Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) - Mechanical Engineering
72Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) ME - Robotics & Automation
73 Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) - Civil Engineering
74Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
75Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) CSE - Computer Hardware & Network
76Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) CSE - Data Science
77Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) CSE - Software Testing & Quality Assurance
78Integrated B.Tech. (Diploma + B.Tech.) - Information Technology
Program: Integrated M.Tech. (B.Tech. And M.Tech.)
79B.Tech. + M.Tech. In Bioengineering
80B.Tech. + M.Tech. In Mechanical Engineering
81B.Tech. + M.Tech. In Civil Engineering
82B.Tech. + M.Tech. In Computer Science & Engineering
83B.Tech. + M.Tech. In Electronics & Communication Engineering
84B.Tech. + M.Tech. In Information Technology
Program: Master In Computer Application
85MCA (Data Science)
86MCA (Cloud Computing)
Program: Master Of Architecture
87M.Arch. (Traditional Indian Architectural Knowledge Systems)
Program: Master Of Arts
88MFA (Applied Arts)
89MFA (Painting)
90MFA (Sculpture)
91M.A. (Administration)
92M.A. (Pakrut And Jainism)
Program: Master Of Business Administration
93MBA (Agri And Food Business Management)
94MBA (Applied Data Science)
95MBA (General Business Management)
96MBA (Finance)
97MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management)
98MBA (International Business Management)
99Global Masters Of Business Administration In Association With University OF Business In Wroclaw Poland
100MBA (Executive)
101MBA (Logistic And Supply Chain Management)
102MBA (Marketing Management)
103MBA (Port And Shipping Management)
104MBA (Project And Construction Management)
105MBA (Technology Management)
106MBA (Human Resource Management)
Program: Master Of Design
107M.Des. (Product Design)
108M.Des. (Transportation Design)
109M.Des. (Interior Space & Furniture Design)
110M.Des. (Retail Design)
111M.Des. (User Experience Design)
112M.Des. (Graphic Design)
113M.Des. (Animation Design)
114M.Des. (Film & Video Design)
115M.Des. (Fashion Management & Marketing)
116M.Des. (Design Management)
117M.Des. (Immersive Media Design)
118M.Des. (Transcultural Design)
Program: Master Of Education
119M.A. (Education)
120M.A. (E-Learning)
121M.Sc. (E-Learning)
Program: Master Of Film And Drama
122M.Sc. (Film Making Specialization In Direction)
123M.Sc. (Film Making Specialization In Screenplay Writing)
124M.Sc. (Film Making Specialization In Cinematography)
125M.Sc. (Film Making Specialization In Editing)
126M.Sc. (Film Making Specialization In Sound Recording & Designing)
127M.Sc. (Film Making Specialization In Visual Effects And Motion Graphics)
Program: Master Of Journalism And Mass Communication
128M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
Program: Master Of Planning
129M.Plan. (Urban And Regional Planning)
Program: Master Of Technology
130M.Tech. (Environmental Bioengineering)
131M.Tech. (Food Technology)
132M.Tech. (Construction Management)

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