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Direct Admission In Ajeenkya D Y Patil University

Ajeenkya D Y Patil University offers various courses some of them are listed below. You can have opportunity to avail direct admission in Ajeenkya D Y Patil University in these courses listed below.

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Program: Bachelor In Computer Application
1BCA (Mobile Application & Cloud Technology)
Program: Bachelor Of Arts
2B.A. (Liberal Arts) (English)
3B.A. (Liberal Arts) (Psychology)
4B.A. (Liberal Arts) (Economics)
5B.A. (Liberal Arts) (International Studies)
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
6BBA (International Business)
7BBA (Aviation Management)
8BBA (Entrepreneurship And Innovation)
Program: Bachelor Of Commerce
9B.Com (Hons)
Program: Bachelor Of Design
10B.Des. (Automobile Design)
11B.Des. (Fashion Design)
12B.Des. (Graphic Design)
13B.Des. (Product Design)
Program: Bachelor Of Film And Drama
14B.Sc. (Animation And VFX)
Program: Bachelor Of Hotel Management
15B.Sc. (Hospitality & Hotel Administration)
Program: Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication
16BBA (Media And Communication)
Program: Bachelor Of Law
17BA-LLB (Bachelor Of Arts With Bachelor Of Laws)
18LLB (Bachelor Of Legislative Law)
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
19B.Tech. (Biomedical Engineering)
20B.Tech. (Information Technology - Data Science)
21B.Tech. (Mechatronics Engineering)
22B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Computer Engineering)
Program: Diploma Of Design
23Post Graduate Diploma In Digital Modeling
Program: Master In Computer Application
24MCA (Data Science)
Program: Master Of Business Administration
25MBA (Aviation Management)
26MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy - Finance)
27MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy - Human Resources)
28MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy - Marketing)
29MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy)
30MBA (Digital Marketing And E-Commerce)
Program: Master Of Design
31M.Des. (Automobile Design)
Program: Master Of Law
32Master Of Laws (LLM)
Program: Master Of Technology
33M.Tech. (Automotive Engineering)

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