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Direct Admission In Ajeenkya D Y Patil University

Ajeenkya D Y Patil University offers various courses some of them are listed below. You can have opportunity to avail direct admission in Ajeenkya D Y Patil University in these courses listed below.

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S.No. Course
Program: Bachelor Of Architecture
1B.Arch. (Bachelor Of Architecture)
Program: Bachelor Of Business Administration
2BBA (International Business)
3BBA (Aviation Management)
4BBA (Business Analytics)
5BBA (Sales And Marketing)
6BBA (Entrepreneurship And Innovation)
7BBA (Financial Services)
8BBA (Financial Services & CMA)
9BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)
10BBA (Sport Management)
Program: Bachelor Of Design
11B.Des. (Automobile Design)
12B.Des. (Fashion Design)
13B.Des. (Graphic Design)
14B.Des. (Product Design)
15B.Des. (Bachelor Of Design)
Program: Bachelor Of Law
16BA-LLB (Bachelor Of Arts With Bachelor Of Laws)
17LLB (Bachelor Of Legislative Law)
Program: Bachelor Of Technology
18B.Tech. (Biomedical Engineering)
19B.Tech. (Biotechnology Engineering)
20B.Tech. (Information Technology - Data Science)
21B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
22B.Tech. (Mechatronics Engineering)
23B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering With Specializations In Automobile Engineering)
24B.Tech. (Bio-Technology With Specializations In Food Technology)
25B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering With Specializations In Mechanical Design)
26B.Tech. (Bio-Technology With Specializations In Medical Biotechnology)
27B.Tech. (Block Chain)
28B.Tech. (Mobile Application & Cloud Technology)
29B.Tech. (Cloud Technology And Information Security)
30B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Artificial Intelligence)
31B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Bio-Computation)
32B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Computer Engineering)
33B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Human Computer Interaction)
34B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Information Systems)
35B.Tech. (Computer Engineering With Specializations In Systems Engineering)
Program: Master Of Business Administration
36MBA (Aviation Management)
37MBA (Banking And Financial Services)
38MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy - Finance)
39MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy - Human Resources)
40MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy - Marketing)
41MBA (Business Innovation And Strategy)
42MBA (Digital Marketing And E-Commerce)
43MBA (Business Analytics)
44MBA (Finance)
45MBA (Healthcare And Hospital Management)
46MBA (International Business)
47MBA (Hospitality Management)
48MBA (Marketing)
49MBA (Human Resource)
50MBA (Sports Management)
51MBA (Logistics And Supply Chain Management)
52MBA (Media And Communication)

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